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Immersive 3D video

Immersive 3D video for surgeons and nurses designed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of an iconic medical device.

Year: 2020

Medical Education HCP
2D/3D videos / 360° / audio-visual

Our expertise

Medical. Creative. Technical.

The background

This iconic medical device has been used for several decades in laparoscopic surgery, and its many advantages have helped to forge a solid reputation in the field.

The challenge

Modernize the presentation of the medical device to mark its 20th anniversary.

The solution

We created a realistic 3D model of the device to offer complete freedom of movement and presentation.

To highlight the customer's key messages, we developed a concept based on shadow play to emphasize the product's advantages, in line with the graphic charter.

The video is shown at events, team meetings and customer presentations.

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