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B'Rain is a creative,
medical, and digital

Our DNA is deeply entwined with the medical field, with our project team members holding scientific backgrounds. We possess an intimate understanding of the pharmaceutical industry's needs. What sets us apart? Our embrace of new technologies. As a blend of creativity, scientific expertise, and a touch of geekiness, we collaborate with you to craft truly unique interactive experiences.

Our versatile team nurtures an innovative spirit across three continents, driving forward innovation at the forefront of a rapidly evolving sector.

Experienced medical project managers within the pharmaceutical industry who possess a thorough understanding and mastery of ethical and regulatory guidelines concerning pharmaceutical advertising.

Our in-house graphic and computer production studio offers validated expertise in UI/UX design, pre-populated and real-time 3D rendering, as well as XR technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality), ensuring enhanced agility and performance.

« Combining my creativity and my interest in new technologies »

Being a Digital Project Manager
at TroisPrime - France

My background as a pharmacist with a Master's in Marketing closely aligns with that of my clients, providing me with a distinct advantage in my role as a digital project manager. I excel in listening to and comprehending their marketing and strategic requirements.

My responsibility is to synergize creativity and a passion for new technologies, collaborating closely with the diverse technical teams at TroisPrime. Together, we develop concepts and technical solutions aimed at enhancing medical messages for various end-users, including doctors, pharmacists, patients, and the general public.

By Youssef, Digital Project Manager in Bordeaux, France

« I'm particularly focused on the UI and UX »

Being a Artistic Director
at TroisPrime - Spain

My role involves assisting the Project Manager in translating client requirements into innovative and visually compelling concepts. I am deeply committed to pixel perfection and focus on refining the UX and UI of the deliverables I produce.

It is the mastery of these two skill sets that ensures the seamless integration of end users with the tools developed at TroisPrime.

By Ana, Directora Artística in Madrid, Spain

« Innovation is at the heart of my job »

Being a Developer
at TroisPrime - France

My role involves advising Project Managers on selecting the most suitable technologies for their requirements and subsequently establishing and coordinating the production unit responsible for IT deliverables.

Innovation is at the heart of my job: AR, VR, AI, IOT, all these technologies serve the same purpose: to deliver a memorable digital experience to the end user.

By Jérémie, Senior Developer in Paris, France

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