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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Except where expressly stated otherwise in the specific conditions, these general conditions govern all sales made between TROIS PRIME S.A.S. (hereinafter referred to as "TroisPrime") and its Customers, relating to the products sold or services rendered by TroisPrime (hereinafter, depending on the context, the "Sales"); they prevail over any other general conditions, as well as over any potential general purchasing conditions of the Customer.

The Customer declares to have full knowledge of these general conditions and accepts them without reservation. The Customer's General Terms and Conditions of Sale are not recognized, even when they are not explicitly refused by TroisPrime. Agreements that diverge from or complement these General Terms and Conditions require explicit written confirmation from TroisPrime.

The receipt of services by the customer constitutes acceptance of TroisPrime's General Terms and Conditions and a waiver of the commercial partner's general conditions of sale. The Customer's General Terms and Conditions find no application, even if TroisPrime has not explicitly refused them.

Other conditions are only binding if TroisPrime has accepted them in writing, and in such cases, are supplemented by TroisPrime's General Terms and Conditions. With respect to the application of these General Terms and Conditions to businesses, even a tacit expression of will is sufficient to incorporate them into a contract.

These General Terms and Conditions can be viewed in the PDF document at the following link: https://www.troisprime.com/documents/cgv-3prime-france.pdf