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is an independant,
creative, medical 
and digital agency

Our DNA is medical, and all members of our project team have scientific backgrounds. We know and understand the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

What make us special? New technologies. Creative, scientific and a bit of a geeky. We work with you to imagine and design unique interactive experiences. A multidisciplinar team with presence in 3 continents cultivating an inventive spirit to deploy innovation from the inside, in a revolutionary sector.

Medical Project Managers with experience of working in pharma laboratories, who are fully comfortable with the ethical and regulatory rules governing pharmaceutical advertising globally.

100% in-house design and IT production with proven expertise in UX/UI, pre-calculated and real-time 3D, XR (Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Mixed reality), offering agility and performance.

« Planning, anticipation, and adaptation are concepts that must be present at all stages of the process »

Being a Digital Project Manager
at TresPrima - Spain

My job is based on managing a project since the conception of the idea to the final delivery. Planning, anticipation and adaptation are concepts that must be present at all stages of the process.

One of the most important aspects of my work is staying updated on new technologies to provide an innovative service. This, combined with essential market research to understand their needs and creativity to find a new way to communicate an idea, makes our work have a very positive impact on our clients.

By Sergio, Digital Project Manager in Madrid, Spain

« I'm particularly focused on the UI and UX »

Being a Artistic Director
at TresPrima - Spain

My role is to support the project manager in translating the customer's needs into creative and visual concepts. I'm particularly focused on the UX and UI of the deliverables I propose.

It's the perfect mastery of these 2 components that guarantees end-users' adherence to the tools we develop at TresPrima.

By Ana, Art Director in Madrid, Spain

« Innovation is at the heart of my job »

Being a Computer Developer
at TresPrima - France

My role is to guide the project managers towards the technology best suited to their needs and then to set up and coordinate the production unit that will work on the IT deliverable.

Innovation is at the heart of my job: AR, VR, AI, IOT, all these technologies serve the same purpose: to deliver a memorable digital experience to the end user.

By Jérémie, Senior Developer in Paris, Spain

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