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A combination of know-how guided by a single objective

TresPrima is an independent, creative, medical and digital agency. We create engaging pharamceutical and medical education marketing concepts for healthcare professionals, patients and internal teams.




Meet the team
Meet the team

Creating unique and memorable digital experiences

Virtual reality or hologram? 2D or 3D? PR, web or social networks? Whatever the technique or channel, the key is to engage your targets.

We juggle technologies to deliver a fluid and memorable experience to your audience.

With a culture of innovation and a sharp eye for technology, we compete with ideas to make you dream.

Explore our portfolio
Explore our portfolio
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To respond to your health communication challenges

Attentive to your current and future challenges, we are at your side to help you build digital experiences in perfect harmony with your communication strategy.

Our DNA is 100% medical, and our close collaboration with the medical community enable us to maintain scientific rigour in all our projects. Our project teams' mastery of the pharmaceutical marketing ecosystem guarantees compliance with ethical and regulatory rules specific to global pharmaceutical advertising.

Thanks to immersive technologies such as virtual or mixed reality, you can immerse your target audicences in a made-to-measure world to highlight your key messages.
Like us, you believe that the best way to learn is to take part in your own training. You'd like to gamify your PRs, hospital staff meetings our stand presentations.
Webinars, videos, meetings, podcast... whatever it takes to enable your target group to connect with their KOLs, interactive or not, face-to-face or remote.
You want to explain the mechanism of action of an active ingredient, describe a medical device or service in detail through a 3D synthesis video, a motion design or even a cartoon.
"Beyond the product": you want to offer a service to your target audience, such as mobile App, website or any other format.
Standing out at medical events or congresses is our specialty. We make your booth unique and surprise your audience.
If you love bringing people together and connecting them, we are doing it with you. Let's create a community of patients or doctors, on social networks or any other format.
You would like to make an innovative entrance to a visit, a medical symposium or a promotional film and leave a lasting impression on your targets.