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Creators of digital health experiences

A mix of knowhow oriented to a single objective

TresPrima is an independent, creative, scientific and digital agency. We create unique and different concepts in the pharmaceutical industry, focused on healthcare professionals, patients and internal teams.




Meet the team
Meet the team

Creating unique and memorable digital experiences

Virtual Reality or Holograms? 2D or 3D? Website or App? Captivating your audience is the key!

Our commitment is to understand your audience and propose the best technology to offer a unique experience.

Through a culture of innovation that keeps us up to date of emerging technologies, we create ideas together to make what you imagine a reality.

Explore our portfolio
Explore our portfolio
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Responding to your health communication challenges

We stand by your side to build together digital experiences that are in perfect harmony with your current communication and strategy, because we are aware of the challenges that the industry is going through today.

Our medical DNA and our close collaboration with the healthcare professional community allow us to maintain that scientific rigor in all projects. Each internal team masters the pharmaceutical marketing ecosystem and ensures ethical and regulatory compliance according to local and global pharmaceutical advertising guidelines.

Supera los límites de la innovación y crea una experiencia inmersiva en el centro de un universo cautivante que dejará una impresión duradera.
Like us, you believe that the best way to learn is to move. That's why you look forward to leading dynamic sessions with your doctors in the practice, hospital or booth.
You expect your specialists to be able to connect with KOLs through web materials or videos; whether interactive or non-interactive, face-to-face or remote.
You want to explain the mechanism of action of an active principle, describe in detail a product or a service through a 3D synthesis video, a motion design or even a cartoon.
"Beyond the product": you are looking to offer a service to your target audience, such as a mobile app, a website or any other format.
Whether it is a large event, conference, speaker tour or round table sessions, you already have the space! The only thing left to do is to attract and surprise your doctors.
Your mantra: bring people together. You would like to create a community of patients or doctors, on social networks or through another format around your brand or a specific initiative.
You would love to make an amazing entry in a field visit, at a congress or perhaps an advertising video to leave your mark.