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Welcome to D-City

Mobile application designed for in-house training as part of the launch of a new treatment. For 5 months, teams met once a week within the gamified experience "Welcome to D-City" to learn about the new product and its environment.

Year: 2017

Internal Training

Our expertise

Medical. Creative. Technical.

The background

Creation of an internal event as part of the pre-launch of the first fixed-dose combination available in 2DR for treatment-naive HIV patients.

The challenge

Propose an innovative approach to training and engaging teams on a regular basis prior to the launch of the new treatment.

The solution

For 5 months, employees were divided into teams of 5 (including all job types) to take part in weekly mini-challenges.

Each game took place on the "Welcome to D-City" mobile application, and saw the different teams go head-to-head!

At the end of 2 months, the team with the best score was elected "Neighborhood Mayor". Each district represented a theme linked to the environment of the new treatment and was renewed every 2 months.

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participants in all posts combined


quiz questions through 20 mini-games


participation over 5 months

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