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is an independant,
creative, medical
and digital agency

Our DNA is medical! 100% of the team has a science degree / experience within the pharmaceutical industry.
Former industry member, brand manager, commercial excellence manager, product manager, healthcare consultant… we switched!
We wanted to express our creativity through a variety of projects and therapeutic areas, as well as encouraging innovation in pharmaceutical marketing and medical education on a wider scale

We decided to "geek-in" and join TroisPrime

Leveraging our in-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical landscape, we ensure that these solutions not only equip teams with vital skills but also align seamlessly with the industry's unique demands. Our approach is rooted in years of industry knowledge, enabling us to provide valuable insights and strategies that drive our clients' success in the Life Sciences sector.

In-house design and IT production with proven expertise in UX/UI, pre-calculated and real-time 3D, XR (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality), offering agility and performance.

Being a Digital Project Manager
at TroisPrime - Switzerland

My MS degree in Marketing combined with previous working experience within pharmaceutical companies is a real plus in my role as Digital Project Manager. It allows me to fully understand my clients' marketing and communication needs.

In my role, I combine creativity and digital solutions to develop innovative marketing strategies and educational programmes. This enables us at TroisPrime to take communication and medical education in the pharmaceutical sector to a new level in order to optimally support our clients' medical messages.

By Giuseppe, Digital Project Manager in Switzerland

Being a Commercial Director
at TroisPrime - USA

With over 15 years of experience, I’ve cultivated a holistic understanding of this industry through opportunities in clinical pharmacy, medication therapy management, sales, medical event management, medical education, strategic medical communication, and medical marketing.

As the Director of Commercial Operations at TroisPrime, I enjoy the chance to pair my academic and professional experience with an appetite for continued learning and growth to lead a team focused on understanding clients and providing long term value by identifying unique and engaging solutions that meet specific medical and marketing communication needs.

By Graham, Commercial Director, USA

Being a Artistic Director
at TroisPrime - Spain

My role is to support the project manager in translating the customer's needs into creative and visual concepts. I'm particularly focused on the UX and UI of the deliverables I propose.

It's the perfect mastery of these 2 components that guarantees end-users' adherence to the tools we develop at TroisPrime.

By Ana, Directora Artística in Madrid, Spain

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