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creative, medical
and digital agency

Our DNA is medical! 100% of the team has a science degree/experience within the pharmaceutical industry. Former industry member, brand manager, commercial excellence manager, product manager, healthcare consultant… we switched! We wanted to express our creativity through a variety of projects and therapeutic areas, as well as encouraging innovation in pharmaceutical marketing and medical education on a wider scale.

We decided to "geek-in" and join TroisPrime.

Leveraging our in-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical landscape, we ensure that these solutions not only equip teams with vital skills but also align seamlessly with the industry's unique demands. Our approach is rooted in years of industry knowledge, enabling us to provide valuable insights and strategies that drive our clients' success in the Life Sciences sector.

Our expertise in the Canadian communication standards regulation allows us to provide our clients with the most appropriate content to reach their audience. Our in-house IT, design, and production teams have recognized expertise in UX/UI, pre-calculated and real-time 3D, and XR (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality), offering agility and performance.

Being a Commercial Director
at TroisPrime - Canada

With over 15 years of diverse experience in the healthcare and life science sector, I bring a comprehensive understanding of commercial and medical communications, across the full drug lifecycle.  From client to agency-side, I have developed an appreciation for the collaboration, innovation and adaptability required to bring life-changing therapies to patients.

As Commercial Director at TroisPrime, I am passionate about leveraging my expertise to lead a dynamic team dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that exceed client expectations and drive long-term value. Together, let's navigate the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, driven by a shared commitment to excellence and patient-centricity.

By Joelle, Commercial Director, Canada

Being a Project Director
at TroisPrime - Canada

I have a background in Science with a focus on Human Nutrition and professional experience in Product Management within the Health Industry. This unique combination equips me with the ability to comprehend the scientific aspects of products and pathologies and understand my clients' challenges and needs.

In my role as a Medical & Digital Project Manager, my expertise lies in developing innovative marketing strategies and educational programs. What I enjoy the most about working at TroisPrime is being creative in the way we envision engaging content and how we utilize digital technologies to educate healthcare professionals and patients alike, bridging the gap between the pharmaceutical industry and marketing.

By Kristina, Project Director, Canada

« Innovation is at the heart of my job »

Being a Developer
at TroisPrime - France

My role involves advising Project Managers on selecting the most suitable technologies for their requirements and subsequently establishing and coordinating the production unit responsible for IT deliverables.

Innovation is at the heart of my job: AR, VR, AI, IOT, all these technologies serve the same purpose: to deliver a memorable digital experience to the end user.

By Jérémie, Senior Developer in Paris, France

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