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Fabry Touch

This application is a digital support for sales representatives designed to engage and educate HCPs on a rare disease with the help of highly detailed interactive 3D models showcasing disease progression on affected organs.

Year: 2021

Sales Tools
Rare diseases

Our expertise

Medical. Creative. Technical.

The background

In 2006, Sanofi Rare Disease launched a medication for Fabry’s disease. Since then, the disease has often been misdiagnosed/ underdisagnosed by HCPs.

The challenge

The challenge was to raise awareness on Fabry’s disease among healthcare professionals.

The solution

A medical education solution to provide complete information on the disease (pathophysiology, diagnosis, signs & symptoms, medical images).

The objective is to raise awareness on this rare disease by creating an interactive app dedicated to all HCPs involved in the disease diagnosis.

The app includes seven interactive 3D models that illustrate the impact of the disease on the affected organs.

The interaction provided by this app increases the memorization and the impact of the reps’ visit that can be adapted for remote use.

Available in 4 countries

Translated in 4 languages

Adapted to a patient mobile app

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