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My Kesimpta

This application is a personal assistant for MS patients to help them familiarize themselves with their medication and the injection process thanks to a variety of features.

Year: 2021

Patient Support Program

Our expertise

Medical. Creative. Technical.

The background

In mid-2021, Novartis Neuro launched a new product for relapsing Multiple Sclerosis. KESIMPTA (Ofatumumab) is an auto-injection treatment.

The challenge

The challenge was to reassure prescribers as per the ease of administration and ensure good patient compliance.

The solution

A gated patient application available on public App stores for Kesimpta patients to provide auto-injection training, product information and assistance. Integrated features to enhance the user experience:

• An interactive 3D model of the pen.
• Augmented reality experience.
• A 3D MOA video (supplied by the customer).
• A simulator to practice handling.
• Voice assistant to guide patients through injections.


downloads in the first week


users in the first month

Time divided by 3 between prescription and first injection

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